Letters from India 1 - The Arrival in Mumbai

5th August 2013

Hi there!

We're on the plane, getting excited about our trip. This is going to last quite a few hours - the longest flight we’ve both ever taken. Here we go. This is how our new adventure is about to start.

Talk to you from Mumbai!


7th August 2013

Hola from Juhu Beach!

They've treated us really well so far! The flight went well, we watched some Bollywood stuff in some Indian language we didn't understand at all. With no subtitles. Interesting way of trying to get into their culture, I suppose.

Yesterday we spent some time around Yuhu beach in Mumbai and had our first massage in the lovely hotel we’re staying at. A-m-a-z-i-n-g!
We also had our first three curries and we didn't have a dellybelly. In fact, we both feel really, really great!

Since the weather was being nasty to us, we got a taxi to Fort, one of the commercial centres of Mumbai. Depending on what product you’re after, you have to visit one street or another: shops are organised by what they sell.

After it stopped raining, we went over to the Gateway of India and the famouns hotel that overlooks it: the Taj Palace. It’s history is certainly interesting: Mr Tata, who is not only a key actor in the car industry, but in many other business areas (we even found Tata water bottles!), was once not allowed into the most expensive, poshest hotel in Mumbai simply for the fact of “looking Indian”. Ever since, he dreamed with building an even greater hotel in protest against the discrimination he once suffered for his nationality and colour. He really did fulfill his idea - the hotel was magnificent. We delighted ourselves with one (or two) Kingfishers there.

A nice dinner in a local place nearby followed. Then, we realised we had only 360 rupees left, about 1h30 way to get back to our hotel in Juhu beach and no credit cards. This is India though - easy enough. We got a nice cab with air conditioning for that price! And, as a matter of fact, it took less than 40mins this time.

It’s being a fantastic trip. Once of the bests in my life. Really - even if its the monsoon season, we're having a really good time. The rains are not as bad as everybody pictures them. It feels a bit like being in the UK and in Spain at the same time: loads of rain but massive heat and humidity. Nothing we can't deal with!

Loads of love!

Written by Marta García Aliaga. Pictures by Rowan Farrell.

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