Indian Cultural Association of Switzerland Basel

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Indian Cultural Association of Switzerland was formed in 2005 by the community to provide a platform to the Indian community around the Basel area, Switzerland to organize events and get together on festive and other occasions.

The objectives of ICAS shall include:

  • Preserve, maintain, and perpetuate the cultural heritage of the people of Indian origin in Switzerland.
  • To foster friendship and understanding among Indian people, and between people of Indian origin and other people. This would include but not limited to
    • Conducting events and gatherings related to Indian culture, festivals and major occasions
    • Encouraging, promote adults /children to perform Indian culturals during ICAS gatherings
    • As a part of the entertainment – screening of Indian regional movies in Switzerland.
  • To encourage, support, and assist the integration of the people of Indian origin to Switzerland.
  • To support and encourage cultural, educational, and charitable purposes serving both the Indian community and the community at large.

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